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Website FAQs

The first thing you have to do to view your EOB, is register. Once registered, you can go to MyPlans or Claims Details and view your EOBs. If you click on the EOB and nothing happens, it means your browser’s pop-up blocker needs to adjusted to add our website to the exception list. You can usually find this option under Settings or Preferences of your browser.

Yes, we have paperless options for some of our most-used documents. You can get started here.

You’ll need your social security number and your health fund ID number (Look on the front side of your health insurance card for the number that starts with WRXA). Go here, a few seconds of providing personal identification proof, and voila!

A good place to start is our monthly column DID YOU KNOW.

Yes, all you have to do is go here. This is a great option when you procrastinate and want to make sure that your family maintains coverage. It is important to note, if you don’t make your dependent premium on time your family can’t be covered until the next open enrollment period.