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Health Fund

Health Fund

The Writers' Guild-Industry Health Fund ("Fund") provides medical, hospital, dental, prescription, vision, wellness and life insurance benefits to its Participants and their eligible DependentsAny dependent of a participant who meets the criteria for eligibility established by the Fund.. Participants in the Fund are generally writers in the Motion Picture and Television Industry ("Industry") for whom contributions have been made to this Fund by their Employers who are parties to the collective bargaining agreement ("CBA") with the Writers Guild of America, East and West, Inc. The Fund is jointly administered by an equal number of Directors from the Employers and the Guilds.

Our goal is to provide timely, accurate and courteous service to Fund Participants and to administer benefits in compliance with Fund rules and government regulations.

We are fully committed to enhancing our Participants' knowledge and understanding of all benefits available to them through the Fund, which will enable them to seek quality health care, attain and maintain good health and achieve the quality of life they so desire for themselves and their families.