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The moment you have been waiting for is here! Pat yourself on the back on a well-deserved accomplishment. Inasmuch as retirement is a milestone event, it is also a lifestyle adjustment. To ease you through your transition, here are some pointers to help you maximize your available benefits under the Health Fund and Pension Plan.

Pension Forms

Retirement forms and Death Benefit forms are prepared specifically for a Participant or Beneficiary. For this reason, the Retirement forms and Death Benefit forms are not available through this website. View available Pension Forms.

Additional Information:

Health Benefits

Pension Benefits

Benefit Plan Checklist
  • Under the Pension Plan, you must be vested and be at least age 52 to receive retirement benefits.
  • Your annual pension statement provides an estimate of your annual retirement benefit at age 65 if you are vested. You may also request a Benefit Estimate if you would like to know your retirement benefit for any other age. Being informed will help you with your plans for the future.
  • If your reduction in work results in insufficient earnings to accrue a Qualified YearA Plan Year in which the Participant earned at least eight Credited Weeks under the Pension Plan, please review the Break in Service under the Pension Plan.
  • When you are ready to retire, contact the Pension Benefits Department at least two months before your retirement date to request your Retirement Benefit Application packet. You will be asked to provide certain documents when you submit your Retirement Benefit Application. Please see Retirement section.
  • Should you retire before age 60 and otherwise meet the requirement for Certified Retiree Health, please contact the Health Fund Eligibility Department to discuss possibilities of continuing Health Fund Coverage from your retirement date to age 60.