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About Us

The Writers’ Guild-Industry Health Fund and the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan (collectively Fund/Plan) administer health and pension benefits for eligible writers. Benefits are funded by employers in the motion picture and television industry under the Writers Guild of America collective bargaining agreements.

The Writers’ Guild-Industry Health Fund (Health Fund) is a self-insured health plan. The Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan (Pension Plan) is a defined benefit pension plan. The Administrative Office of the Fund/Plan is located in Burbank, California.

We are a team of motivated professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service:

  • For writers (referred to as “Participants” on this site), their dependents, and beneficiaries. The Administrative Office determines Participants’ eligibility for benefits under the Health Fund and Pension Plan based on employer-reported earnings for each Participant in order to pay Health Fund claims (including life insurance) and Pension Plan benefits.
  • For employers. The Administrative Office facilitates and reviews the remittance of contributions by employers in order for them to meet their commitment to fund benefits under the WGA collective bargaining agreements.

The Health Fund and Pension Plan are separate legal entities and are jointly administered by their respective Boards of Trustees/Directors. Each Board is comprised of an equal number of Trustees/Directors from contributing employers in the industry and Trustees/Directors from the Writers Guild of America, East and West. The Boards oversee the Administrative Office of the Health Fund and Pension Plan. The Boards have the responsibility to see that the assets are invested and expended for the benefit of the eligible Participants in a fair, legal and prudent manner. The assets of the Fund/Plan are professionally invested under the direction of the Boards through a Finance Committee.

Although a vast majority of Participants of the Fund/Plan are Guild members, benefits under the Fund/Plan are based on contributions made by employers for covered services under a WGA collective bargaining agreement. Benefits are not based on Guild membership or payment of dues.

We hope that you find this site useful in accessing information about your benefits under the Fund/Plan. Your suggestions are always welcome.